Video Tip of the Week: Tchaikovsky’s Interlocking Phrasing

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Tips of the Day for this week:

Monday, January 28: Shaping Orchestral Phrasing
Tuesday, January 29: Defining Themes by the Principles of Communication
Wednesday, January 30: Instrumental Color Defining Thematic Development
Thursday, January 31: Orchestral Texture Dependent on the Character of Thematic Instruments
Friday, February 01: Using Inflection to Match a Phrase to the Right Instrument
Saturday, February 02: Considering Basic Technique in Phrasing

Thomas Goss is a professional composer and orchestrator with an international roster of clients. He has worked with such talents as Billy Ocean, Melanie C, Sharon Corr, and Nikki Yanofsky. His compositions, orchestrations, and crossover arrangements have been performed by such ensembles as Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, and San Francisco Symphony Chamber Ensemble.

Thomas lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand, with his wife Erica and son Charlie, and one very unappreciative cat.

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