Heitor Villa-Lobos

Thomas Goss introduces Composer of the Week, Villa-Lobos.

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One response to “RadioNZ: Villa-Lobos

  1. Awesome, Mr. Goss!! The greatest and at the same time worst thing about Villa is the enormity of his work (in terms of the sheer number of pieces he wrote). So, of everything I’ve listened of him, about 20% (I’m obviously not being rigorous here) is stuff I really enjoy, and the other 80% is stuff that is just way too much for me (not to say stuff that I really dislike). The thing is that the fraction of his work I enjoy, within which are actually my favorite pieces of all time, correspond to almost the same number of pieces of my other favorite composers (Prokofiev, Shostakovitch, Mahler, Bartok) that fall into the same category, which I considered much more “well balanced” (by “balanced” I mean there’s not much they wrote I really dislike; everything is either good, great or awesome). I’m totally aware this concerns only my own esthetical preference, having absolutely no connection to the value of his work.
    Thank you, Mr. Goss!

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