100 Orchestration Tips, 2nd Edition E-book


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For information and enquiries about our web-hosted educational version of 100 Orchestration Tips, please visit our University Edition page.

The original book that brought together a community of orchestrators, updated and expanded for professionals, developing composers, and university students.

100 Orchestration Tips goes beyond orchestration manuals to share the practical perspectives of working orchestrators and professional concert players. It shows how these people think, why they make certain choices, and how that can improve your abilities as an arranger and composer. This second edition features 30,000+ added or edited words, plus 62 upgraded images for a much clearer, more extensive book of orchestral advice. Available in PDF format with convenient indexed linking for quick access to different topics. After placing your order, you will be e-mailed a temporary link to be used for downloading your file. Please contact here if there are any difficulties.

If you already own a copy of 100 Orchestration Tips, you may upgrade to the 2nd Edition by filling out the Upgrade Request Form. If you can submit details of your original purchase (like your name, original email address used, and/or order number), then you will be sent a coupon code for an upgrade. Add the book to your cart, fill in the coupon code, and you’ll only have to pay an $8 upgrade fee as your total purchase (plus any taxes that may apply in your region). This fee will be waived for upgrades from copies purchased in 2021, previous Patreon supporters, and supporters of the original 2015 Indiegogo campaign. As above, you’ll be emailed a temporary link to be used for downloading your file. Please contact here if there are any difficulties.


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