Since its initial publication in 2015, 100 Orchestration Tips’ role as an educational resource has grown. It’s being used as a reference by professionals, a guide for developing composers, and increasingly as a text by university educators. With this in mind, I’ve created a web-hosted edition of the book for universities which can be accessed by students on any device with internet access.

This version contains all the recent upgraded text and images of the 2nd Edition.

Each chapter is linked as a separate webpage, with an architecture allowing quick access between different topics and sections of the orchestra. Instructors may easily assign chapters as linked text, which when clicked will open for authorised students in their browsers.

The University Edition is currently available on a yearly lease, with per-student pricing based on a fraction of the standard purchase cost. My website provides administrator accounts to faculty, who then add accounts for their students. This lease usually runs from the first day of the first term until the last day of summer break – as long as a full year, depending on the time the university adopts the system. At the end of the lease, new accounts are issued upon renewal of the lease. Analytics are also available to help faculty track usage by their students and are provided on request.

Lease agreements naturally include permission for students to quote passages and copy a portion of text and images as necessary for the purposes of scholarly citation. A PDF copy is also provided to the university librarian for access in the event of system failures, from which a limited amount of hard copies may be printed for reference, borrowing, and interlibrary loans.

Please use the query form below if you represent a music faculty that’s interested in incorporating the University Edition of 100 Orchestration Tips into your curriculum.

University Edition Query Form