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Orchestration Tip: Horn Middle Register

Orchestration Tip: Horn Middle Register

For better control in delicate scoring, use the horn’s middle register, especially in the octave between written G3 to G4 (sounding C3-C4). For this specific area of range, bass clef is recommended …


I’m delighted to announce the 2023 Orchestration Challenge, in which we’ll be tackling Beethoven’s Piano Sonata no. 24 in F-sharp – starting today and ending Saturday the 2nd of September, midnight PDT. Website subscribers are invited to orchestrate the first 15 bars of Movement 1, which contain an enormous amount of expressive and thematic variety. This sonata is a perfect jewel of a piece; offering so much to the imaginative orchestrator under all its pianistic flurries. You could challenge yourself to orchestrate in an early 19th-century style like Beethoven; or reinterpret the material with modern approaches. Go to the EVENTS page for full guidelines, templates, and a link to the entry form. Just like every other challenge, NO REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! Just keep your website subscription active, and use the form to send me your score once it’s ready.

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