RadioNZ: Ravel

Composer of the Week: Ravel Thomas Goss explores the influence on Ravel’s music and career of his social circle ‘Les Apaches’, relationships that were symbolically interpreted in his piano cycle ‘Miroirs’. © Copyright Radio New Zealand

RadioNZ: Prokofiev

Composer of the Week: Prokofiev In this Composer of the Week, Prokofiev’s Soviet Homecoming, Thomas Goss looks at perceptions of Prokofiev in Russia and the pressures and ideals that compelled him to return to Moscow from Paris in 1936. What he found was not necessarily what he expected. © Copyright Radio New Zealand

RadioNZ: Boulanger

Composer of the Week: Lili Boulanger Thomas Goss looks at the tragically short life of Lili Boulanger, who died from Crohn’s disease at the age of 24. Despite the difficulties caused by her health, she was able to study as a composer and win the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1913. © Copyright Radio …

RadioNZ: Adolphe Sax

Composer of the Week – Adolphe Sax Presented by Thomas Goss. © Copyright Radio New Zealand

RadioNZ: CPE Bach

Composer of the Week – CPE Bach Thomas Goss explores the composer and keyboardists life and works. © Copyright Radio New Zealand

RadioNZ: Villa-Lobos

Heitor Villa-Lobos Thomas Goss introduces Composer of the Week, Villa-Lobos. © Copyright Radio New Zealand

RadioNZ: Beethoven

The Circumstances of Beethoven’s Symphonies Some believe that they were conceived as a set with an overarching grand schema, but Thomas Goss points out the often more expedient external factors that influenced Beethoven in composing his nine symphonies (RNZ). © Copyright Radio New Zealand

RadioNZ: Composers on Camera

Since the beginnings of cinema, composers have been a frequent subject for film directors. But how close do they bring us to an honest understanding and appreciation of those composers and their music? In a five-part series, Thomas Goss explores how movies portray composers as lovers, heroes, spiritual figures, and even madmen. Along the way, …

RadioNZ: Tchaikovsky

Tchaikovsky and Brahms The rivalry between Tchaikovsky and Brahms was legendary, and it went beyond mere distaste for one another’s musical direction. Thomas Goss explores the uneasy friendship and resulting musical ferment in the lives of the two giants. (RNZ) Pathetique Thomas Goss looks at Tchaikovsky’s sixth & last symphony as a snapshot …

RadioNZ: Richard Strauss

Richard Strauss’s Indian Summer, presented by Thomas Goss.   © Copyright Radio New Zealand