The Challenge: to orchestrate an excerpt from “Andaluza” from the piano suite “Cuatro Piezas Españolas” by Manuel de Falla.

Participation: open to all Patreon supporters and Orchestration Online website subscribers (website subscription is entirely free of charge).

After the deadline, Thomas Goss will release a public video featuring in-depth analysis of his own orchestration of the Falla piece.

Helpful Videos:
The official piano score + audio performance by Peter Bradley-Fulgoni
Piano score + audio performance by Alicia de Larrocha
Important pitfalls to avoid from the video announcement


  • Maximum orchestra: 3333 4331 timpani, 3 percussion, celesta, harp, strings. (You don’t have to use all these instruments in arranging this work).
  • Restriction 1: No Harp/Celesta Concertos! Filigree, decoration, support only. Copy/pasting the piano part onto the harp part is NOT orchestration!
  • Restriction 2: Try not to go overboard with woodwind auxiliaries. One player doubling per family of instruments is probably the best approach. Saxophone is also accepted.
  • Restriction 3: NO SEPARATE STAVES for individual brass and wind instruments. Double/triple up winds and brass like a standard published score, unless some parts are too complex. When you give me a separate staff for all three flutes, all three oboes, etc. then it makes your staff size tiny and very hard to demonstrate on screen to other entrants.
  • USE REHEARSAL MARKS IN THE AUDIO/SCORE VIDEO AND TEMPLATES (if you are supporting on Patreon and going past bar 24)!
  • Suggestion: don’t feel limited to transcribing every note at the exact same pitch/register as the piano score. Adapt as needed.
  • Format: Screen dimensions very welcome, as your entry will be evaluated on-screen. 747mm W X 420mm H (29.41” X 16.54” in.) is perfect. Minimum staff size should be 5.1mm (.20” in.). Very small staff sizes are hard to evaluate and impossible for viewers to read.


  • Filename format: “2021 Orchestration Challenge Your Name”
  • Concert scoring approaches – normal-sized time signatures, not necessary to have boxed numbers on every bar.
  • Transposing scores are a lot easier for me to read.
  • CORRECT YOUR CLEFS IF YOU ORIGINALLY SCORED IN CONCERT PITCH! (like horns in bass clef, violas in treble clef, etc.)
  • Separate single lines for unhitched percussion is easier to present and evaluate on screen for me.


  • Use the official Orchestration Challenge Entry Form to submit your entry. Sibelius users should submit .sib files. All other notation platforms submit a PDF and an audio mockup mp3.
  • Only one score per entrant. I will not be able to give evaluations on revisions.
  • Submittal Deadline: MIDNIGHT PDT, AUGUST 19, 2021 FIRM.

Website Subscriber Entries:

  • Entrants must be subscribers to the Orchestration Online website, which includes a newsletter announcing releases of videos, blog posts, and courses. There is no charge for subscribing.
  • Entries may be any length for your own improvement of craft, but website subscriber evaluations will only be given up to the end of bar 24.
  • Participants may share entries at any time on social media for community feedback, but Thomas’s feedback period closes after 30 September 2021.
  • Entries will be archived on the website as a playlist for future reference, as with previous orchestration challenges.
  • Sibelius/MusicXML orchestral template with embedded piano part provided below for first 24 bars.

Patreon Supporter Entries:

  • Sibelius/MusicXML orchestral template with embedded piano part provided exclusively on Patreon for full movement.
  • Video evaluations posted for each individual entry according to the categories below. Sections delineated by rehearsal numbers in the template.
  • Minim Level: any single section.
  • Semibreve Level: any two sections.
  • New Dotted Semibreve Level: any three sections.
  • Breve Level: any four sections.
  • Dotted Breve & Longa Levels: the entire movement.

Template scores for orchestra and piano available in Sibelius Ultimate, Sibelius 7.5, and MusicXML format under the download link below.
Andaluza score on IMSLP
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