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Orchestration Online Scoring Series

One of the biggest problems with orchestration training is a focus on instrumentation in manuals, without useful, guided application of the principles of orchestral arranging. While many books contain much of the useful advice one might need, that advice isn’t necessarily proportioned in a way that leads to good working habits and life skills.

When I was asked to create my own orchestration course for macProVideo, I designed the information to be visually and aurally compelling, so that the viewer would immediately grasp the perspective of the professional orchestrator. In addition, I interconnected the techniques and approaches of the instruments with a sense of direct application to scoring, so the information was immediately useful. When combined with the score-reading exercises, each course should give a strong boost to the skill set of a developing orchestrator.

But once you’ve has grasped the tools, how might you apply them to your own work? That question will be answered by my upcoming Orchestration Online Scoring Series. This collection of e-books will lead the reader step by step through the process of the professional orchestrator. Each e-book will be released as a sister course to its respective macProVideo Orchestration Master Class, taking the information from that series and using it directly. Through a set of examples, an over-the-shoulder look at orchestrating, and several assignments of your own, all illustrated with recorded examples from a live orchestra, you’ll gain more confidence and clarity in your arranging.

Please stay posted for the announcement of the first kickstart in this series, coming in a month or two: Scoring Orchestral Strings.