Orchestration Online is a community.

Orchestration Online is a channel.

Orchestration Online is a website.

But more than all these things, it’s the result of a vision about how the internet can unite artists around a single passion – the composition and realization of orchestral music – with resources, training, perspectives, and shared insights on the journey towards perfection.

We are the first generation of internet composers, with all the resources of software-based notation; digital audio recording and editing; sampled sound sets; and highly developed, exponentially faster creative interfacing. But even without these technological advancements and conveniences, we still have the ability to connect in a way humanity has never before experienced: with opportunities of self-improvement, inspiration, and communication that we can make powerful with our joined presence, or reinvent with our shared ingenuity.

I invite composers, musicians, and arrangers of all ages and levels of professional experience to share this journey with me. I look forward to your perspectives, music, and involvement in the community of orchestrators. Please subscribe to be in the loop for updates, training, and special events. And join the Facebook group for daily contact with me and thousands of other dedicated musicians who share this passion.