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Star Wars Orchestration Review Episode VII: The Sforz Awakens

Reading over the Star Wars: The Force Awakens reviews that I wrote back in December, I’m struck by how much I had to rely on the soundtrack to illustrate my points, and often avoided specific references to the timing of cues in the movie. Part of this was to avoid the horror of revealing spoilers …


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MOOOC Term 1 Lesson 2

The second lesson of the Massive Open Online Orchestration Course has now been posted on the main website’s MOOOC page: Violin/Piano Duo Scoring. With dozens of immortal works by the greatest concert composers, and a continuing presence in today’s concert, film, and crossover scoring, the violin/piano duo is powerful and intriguing genre. My latest lesson explores the realities of scoring, how to break down the basic elements, and build on the craft learned in the first lesson. Today’s lecture is preceded with some practical advice on how to connect with musicians who could read your score, an essential step forward in your training if you’ve only used sound libraries and DAW’s up to this point.

This latest video was a real challenge to make, but it contains a great deal of information intended to give you a solid foundation in a way that orchestration manuals usually don’t – and even possibly to open doors for you in building your career. It was also enormously fun, and makes me look forward to the next few lessons to come in unaccompanied cello and viola, plus piano trio and string trio. Even if you don’t yet have time to actively participate in the course with score-reading and scoring assignments, have a look at the video and think about how the approach to scoring might help in your current work.

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