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Timpani Range Qualities

(Tip no. 60 from 100 MORE Orchestration Tips, to be released in 2018) The range of timpani pitches has an emotional arc. In Tip 53 of my previous book 100 Orchestration Tips, titled “Timpani Tuning Shortcuts,” I provided a quick and easy way to check the range of possible pitches using the standard four timpani …


Orchestration Challenge: Ravel

After a delay of a few years, I’m restarting the orchestration challenge. In my first run of challenges, things started to get more and more difficult for me to manage, and I felt bad about not being able to follow up in the end. So I’ve changed the approach and the format. This time around, the challenge is to score Ravel’s piano piece À la manière de Borodine. It’s open to any Orchestration Online Facebook member or Patreon supporter. Click through to our EVENTS page for further details.

Reading the Rite

Linked below under the “Latest Video” heading is my new study course on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. The full course is on Patreon, but the public preview videos are extensive, averaging about 20-30 minutes. They feature lectures on Stravinsky’s process and interviews with professional performers for their perspectives, along with 10-15-minute previews of score analysis. Check out the video playlist below for more details.

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