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Star Wars Orchestration Review Episode VII: The Sforz Awakens

Reading over the Star Wars: The Force Awakens reviews that I wrote back in December, I’m struck by how much I had to rely on the soundtrack to illustrate my points, and often avoided specific references to the timing of cues in the movie. Part of this was to avoid the horror of revealing spoilers …


Orchestration Online Patreon

Orchestration Online On Patreon

Up to now, there’s really been no guarantee that I could continue to make video content for the community, or structure my time around community activities. But with the engagement and support of even a very small percentage of orchestration devotees via Patreon, the flow of videos will be assured. I will be able to pace my large projects alongside video production and community engagement, instead of having to shut everything out for months at a time.

What will this mean for everyone? Three videos per month, covering a multitude of topics: more intro videos, score study, questions answered, rare but vital tips, and even the return of the Orchestration Book Club. Best of all, a monthly orchestration lesson continuing the cycle I started with the Lili Boulanger videos.

But patrons get an even better deal. For the price of a couple cups of coffee per month, more dedicated orchestrators get access to the exclusive Patreon feed, with additional videos, perspectives, and content – plus score evaluations on joining and at certain times throughout the year. Shout me the equivalent of a bagel with cream cheese and a brownie, and tune into the new Monthly Master Class, with more specialised content and discounts. Pitch in more and join the MMC in person, get freebies, and even more highly instructional goodies. Whatever level you can support, it will all just lead to improvement in your craft and confidence in scoring.

Please click through to the Orchestration Online Patreon and check out the specifics in detail. Even the lowest level of support will make a big difference in the frequency of orchestration videos on YouTube. Imagine three dozen new videos yearly, lifting the level of training of many internet composers across the world. There’s a lot I’ll be able to do, with even bigger plans down the road for where these videos could go (see the goals on the page).

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