Orchestration 101: The String Section, Chapter 24: Second Violin Orchestral Role
100 Orchestration Tips, Tip 82: Violin Orchestral Roles, Part 2
The content is essentially the same, with slightly different presentation.

Haydn, String Quartet Op. 77 no. 1 in G, Hob. III:81,_Op.77_(Haydn,_Joseph)
Recommended viewing:
The warm, spirited commitment of these young musicians is heartening. Look how they communicate as well.

Mozart, String Quartet no. 19, K. 465
The second Breitkopf edition uploaded by IMSLP user piupianissimo is best.
Borromeo Quartet has uploaded quite a few recordings to IMSLP, and this is one of their best.,_K.465_(Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus)
Recommended viewing:
Quatuor Les Dissonances has great tempos.

Beethoven, String Quartet no. 8, Op. 59 no. 2
The Breitkopf edition is usable. Gory’s engraving is very readable.
The Borromeo Quartet recording has got some great energy.,_Ludwig_van)
Recommended viewing:
Belcea String Quartet’s version is superb.

Schubert, String Quartet no. 14 in D minor, D. 810
The Breitkopf is a nice clear scan.
The Borromeo Quartet reading more than suffices.,_D.810_(Schubert,_Franz)
Recommended viewing:
Meridian Ensemble String Quartet gives it everything they’ve got.

Mendelssohn, String Quartet no. 6, Op. 80
Only one version is uploaded, and it is very readable.
The Musopen quartet reading is suitably fiery in all the right places.,_Op.80_(Mendelssohn,_Felix)
Recommended viewing:
The interestingly-named Schumann Quartet is young, energetic, and brilliant.

Brahms, String Quartet no. 1, Op. 51
The larger scan of the Breitkopf edition is the best.
Borromeo Quartet’s reading is a little more committed than the Musicians from Marlboro.,_Op.51_No.1_(Brahms,_Johannes)
Recommended viewing:
Lovely reading by another young ensemble, Eclat Quartet.

Borodin, String Quartet no. 2
The Eulenberg score is really the only upload available for study in full.
The Czech NSO quartet recording does the job as you’d expect.,_Aleksandr)
Recommended viewing:
Nice relaxed take by Kontras Quartet:

Dvorak, String Quartet no. 12 (“American”), Op. 96
Both versions good for score-reading; maybe the Alan Chen is the easiest.
The Borromeo Quartet version is great.,_Op.96_(Dvořák,_Anton%C3%ADn_Leopold)
Recommended viewing:
Committed performance by Novus Quartet:

Debussy, String Quartet in G minor, Op. 10
The second upload has a complete glossary of French musical terms
Borromeo Quartet does it again.,_Op.10_(Debussy,_Claude)
Recommended viewing:
The young unnamed quartet gives an even better performance.

Ravel, String Quartet in F
The third upload from the group of full scores is the least fragmented.
The Music from Mansions recording is quite good.,_Maurice)
Recommended viewing:
Great performance, acoustics, and camera work (good for viewing techniques)
featuring the terrific Hagen Quartet

Bartok, String Quartet no. 1, Sz. 40
The top upload rocks.
Belcea String Quartet’s recording ditto.,_Op.7,_Sz.40_(Bartók,_Béla)
Recommended viewing:
Euclid String Quartet have done the math…

• 2-3 minutes total
• in your own voice as a composer as guided by craft
• using a form with different scoring approaches, not just the same scoring throughout
Suggested forms:
• a set of short variations on a theme with significant differences in scoring, mood, tempo, etc.
• 2-3 minatures with an individual character and approach in each section
• one unified piece with a strong narrative using a variety of descriptive scoring approaches