100 MORE Orchestration Tips E-book


The long-awaited sequel to 100 Orchestration Tips.

Thomas Goss returns with more working orchestrator insights and orchestra player perspectives in even greater detail than his first book. Some of these tips cover subtle points of scoring; while others examine essential but often unexplained approaches. Yet all tips can be added immediately to your toolkit for the craft of orchestration. Available in PDF format with conveniently indexed linking for quick access to different topics. After placing your order, you will be e-mailed a temporary link to be used for downloading your file. Please use the contact form here if there are any difficulties.

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From the Foreword by Conrad Pope:

“I believe strongly that an orchestrator’s mission is to craft orchestrations that are expressive, musically engaging and emotionally fulfilling; not only for the audience but for the performer as well. We are all susceptible to becoming obsessed with technical issues and forget that our goal is ultimately an artistic one. For composers, this trap is especially true in this ‘age of gear.’ This is true of performers as well. Until a musician plays it, all musical instruments are simply dead, inanimate, silent objects made from wood, metal, leather. These instruments lie dormant and soullessly silent until a performer picks one up and breathes life into it. The real power in the orchestra lies not in its instruments and many colors, but in the soul and heart of each member of the orchestra who has work so hard to master their instrument.

“When a performer first sees their part to your piece, they will be able to immediately ascertain what kind of composer you are. If a part is written with awareness of an instrument’s potential and understanding of its expressive qualities, the performer will regard it as a “love letter” meant for them. Well-conceived music can be the key to releasing the performer to express their artistry in your music.

“These pages will introduce you to the more intimate details of orchestration as well as the unique and individual qualities of each of the instrumental families. 100 More Orchestration Tips is the perfect complement to any of the other orchestration books you may know or own… 100MOT can serve as a reminder that everything that the computer makes so easy for us to write is not necessarily so easy to perform musically and realize accurately in the orchestra. Together with Thomas Goss’ Orchestration Online YouTube channel, this book is an excellent resource for gaining a more precise and clear knowledge of orchestral instruments… I know a copy will occupy an easily accessible corner of my computer’s desktop. The knowledge on these pages is practical, useful, and a must for anyone seeking a deeper knowledge of orchestration.”


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