The release dates for 100 Orchestration Tips and related perks from the Indigogo campaign have been changed:

  • Release of 100 Orchestration Tips – 18 April 2015
  • Release of 5 Orchestral Textures to donors – mid-June 2015
  • Availability of Thomas for Coaching Session Perks – late April through early December 2015

Greetings and heartfelt thanks to all Orchestration Online members and donors to the 100 Orchestration Tips book launch on Indiegogo! Now that the campaign is closed, topping out at a very generous 113%, it’s time to bring everyone up to date, and let you know when and how you’ll receive copies of the book, and the other perks you may have reserved with your donations.


First, though, a message to latecomers. You wanted to reserve a copy of 100 Orchestration Tips, but didn’t quite make it to the end of the campaign. Or perhaps you’ve been away from social media for a while, and just heard about it. That is fine. We are now pre-selling advance copies of the book via PayPal. Maximize your browser screen and find the PayPal button in the sidebar to the right, which contains all the details you need to reserve your copy. All copies of the book will be distributed on the date listed below. Please note: 100 Orchestration Tips is the ONLY item offered for pre-sale at this time. ALL OTHER perks were limited to the campaign which has just closed.


All donors at the $25.00 level and up will receive a copy of 100 Orchestration Tips by our release date of Sunday, 15 March 2015. The e-book will be e-mailed as a PDF to all donors on that date at noon, Pacific Daylight Time. Please note: this book has always been described as an e-book, and is intended to be used in that format. Hard copies are beyond my capacity to produce or distribute at this point.

I am planning to host a live YouTube event at that time. Stay posted for further details.


If you chose this perk, then you have probably already been contacted requesting details of how to announce your gift to its recipient. If not, please stand by, and you will be contacted later on today (Saturday 20 December, PST).


I would like to release the 5 Orchestral Textures perk at the same time as 100 Orchestration Tips, but I am going to give myself a slight margin of 2-3 weeks in case there are any issues we need to resolve in formatting the MusicXML files and other media to be used in the release, integrating that media into the overall package, and making it available to donors as a download. So expect that the Textures will be released between 15 March and 5 April (Easter Sunday) 2015. Apologies in advance for this delay if it occurs – but I want all releases to be their absolute best in content and usability.

The 5 Orchestral Textures are themselves just a preview of a massive book/media release for late 2015 called 33 Orchestral Textures, which will cover an extensive array of orchestral approaches from film and concert music. This will be similar to a course in orchestration principles, with the possibility to self-assign exercises that will develop your abilities and understanding of orchestration with a hands-on approach, directly manipulating the nuts and bolts of the engine of orchestral texture. More details to be released mid-year 2015.

The 5 Orchestral Textures perk is NOT available as a pre-sale purchase. Apologies to latecomers, but I hope that the release of 33 Orchestral Textures will make it worth the wait.

Just to be completely clear about this: as stated on the Indiegogo page, donors at this level will also receive a copy of 100 Orchestration Tips on the general release date of 15 March 2015.


Donors will receive copies of both 100 Orchestration Tips and 5 Orchestral Textures, to be released on the dates listed above.

In addition, you will be contacted directly by Sam Hayman to proceed with the design and implementation of your new website.


Donors will receive copies of both 100 Orchestration Tips and 5 Orchestral Textures, to be released on the dates listed above.

Sessions will be booked according to mutual availability between 15 March and 1 October 2015, unless other arrangements have been made. Donors will be contacted by January 2015.

That’s all for now. I will be in touch with everyone, have a great holiday season!

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