The Challenge: to orchestrate the piano piece À la manière de Borodine by Maurice Ravel

The Platform: Facebook for general feedback, Patreon for video score analysis.

After the deadline, professional orchestrator Thomas Goss will release a public video featuring in-depth analysis of his own version of the Ravel piece, also illustrating other noteworthy approaches by entrants.


• arrange for orchestra of any size (must at least contain a string section and wind instruments).

• Restriction: complete your first draft before you add harp. No harp concertos.

• Also, go light on the tuned percussion.

• Partial scores encouraged (see below for recommended lengths).

• Deadline: November 7, 2017 FIRM.

Facebook Participants:

• Entries must be posted in PDF format on the Orchestration Online Facebook page.

• Posts will receive general comments from Thomas Goss and other group members.

• Entries may be any length, but fewer bars will get more focused feedback.

• Participants may post entries at any time before the 7 November deadline, but Thomas’s feedback period closes after 20 November.

Patreon Participants:

• Sibelius orchestral template with embedded piano part for copying/pasting/rearranging.

• Patreon-only video evaluations posted by mid-November according to the categories below…

• Semibreve Level: evaluations offered up to bar 33 (Figure B).

• Breve Level: evaluations offered up to bar 61 (Figure D).

• Dotted Breve & Longa Levels: evaluations offered for the entire piece.

• Submission details available in the Orchestration Online Patreon-only announcement.


À la manière de Borodine scoreÀ_la_manière_de_Borodine_(Ravel,_Maurice)
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